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Happy Healthy Snacking
October 30, 2019 admin

Happy Healthy Snacking

Posted in Food Facts, Nutrition, Seeds

I don’t know about you but I like to snack.

Lately, I have really been trying to be conscience about what I put into my body. My snack cravings tend to go towards nuts, usually pecans. Since I like to do research I had to look into why my body would be craving pecans. Let me tell you…. I found some really good stuff about this delicious pecan that is actually a drupe, meaning it’s in the fruit family.

There are a few websites that I found. Most of them seemed to have the same information but I really enjoyed reading “Wide open EATS.” I like how they broke down the benefits of pecans.

I found a lot of interesting information on the pecan. And a few reasons why my body is wanting to consume them.

Pecans can help aid in heart health, and there are many factors that attribute to a healthy heart. It also lowers the bad cholestoral and raises the good.

Pecans maintain high energy and can aid in weight loss. Hoory for me! No wonder I’m craving this amazing nut, it can help me get rid of these pesky pounds I’ve been wanting to loose.

Pecans can also improve brain function. Thaimine and copper found in pecans work together to stop free radical damage and can delay the rapid onset of Parkinson’s disease. That’s so awesome! It can also help improve mood swings. I think I need to be feeding my tween pecans everyday 😉 if that’s the case.

Pecans have a high level of antioxidants. Which can improve your complextion. I know mine needs some improvement.

When you sprout your pecans like we do it, allows your body to absorb more of the nutrional benefits. Better go grab you a bag of Diana’s cherry pecan gluten free granola or the original with pecans and cashews.

I only touched on a few of the benefits to the amazing pecan. I highly suggest heading over to Wide open EATS and read the whole article. It is jam packed with good information. If you like to see nutritional information broken down. Nutrition Advance did a great job of that. It’s definitely worth a look.


Happy Snacking

Diana’s Sprouters

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