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Cherry Pecan Almond

Cherry Pecan Almond

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Dried tart cherries contrast perfectly with the sweet taste of toasted pecans & maple syrup.


Cherry Pecan Almond -Diana’s Sprouted

Opening a bag of our Cherry Pecan granola offers a bounty of nature’s goodness. Dried tart cherries contrast perfectly with the sweet taste of toasted pecans & maple syrup – the perfect pairing! Enjoy this healthy granola with milk, yogurt, on salads, or right out of the bag!

This delicious granola contains no gluten, wheat, grains, soy, peanuts, or dairy, making it suitable for most dietary restrictions and preferences. Our granola is lightly sweetened with organic syrup, and gently toasted to bring out all the best flavors of our natural ingredients. Try it today to see why Diana’s Sprouted is Granola, Redefined!

Ingredients: Sprouted Pecans, Sprouted Almonds, *Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, *Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, *Sprouted Flax seeds, Sweetened Dried Cherries (Tart Cherries, Cane Sugar, Sunflower Oil), *Maple Syrup, *Coconut Flakes, Raw Honey, *Coconut Oil, Sea Salt.

* indicates organic ingredient


Granola, Redefined: Our Unique Process


The key to the artisan’s craft is quality…Diana starts with only the best ingredients: raw, natural, and organic, sourcing from local suppliers whenever possible. All our ingredients are free of gluten, grains, GMOs, dairy, and soy.


For up to 3 days, Diana carefully soaks the nuts and seeds to initiate sprouting. This natural sprouting process disables enzyme inhibitors in the nuts and seeds, which “activates” beneficial enzymes and improves digestibility.


Diana thoroughly rinses the sprouted kernels and gently dehydrates them. Finally, ingredients are mixed, lightly toasted and quickly packed for freshness. Diana’s Sprouted Granola is made with love, from our kitchen to yours!

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  1. Alex

    I really love this granola! It is so fresh and tasty. I can tell only the best ingredients are used.

  2. Nancy S.

    Love the yummy cherries and nuts

  3. Andreas L.


  4. Nancy V.

    I love this stuff. So good and good for you.

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