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Spring Recipes
April 24, 2019 admin

Spring Recipe

Tahini Salad Dressing

Posted in Nutrition, Recipe, Seeds

I hope you checked out our Blog post about the sesame seed (if not, you really should).

That tiny little seed sure is mighty with so many health benefits to offer. We thought with Spring underway and fresh salads being the perfect meal, we should share one of our favorite salad dressing recipes with you. That so happens to be made out of tahini. How perfect is that?!?


Prep time 15 mins

4- cups organic raw hulled white sesame seeds (sprouted if you can)

3-4 TBS  Olive oil or Sunflower oil


High powered blender such as Vitamix

Toast seeds lightly stirring constantly so they won’t burn.

Place in blender on high using the plunger to pack down over and over until a paste begins.  Add the oil and continue blending on high until smooth and creamy. About 5 minutes total blend time.

Store in Fridge about a month.

Use in Salad Dressing, Babaganoush, Candy.


¼ cup Tahini

2 TBS Lemon Juice fresh

1 TBS Maple syrup

1 TBS Rice Vinegar

1 TBS Toasted Sesame seed oil

½ tsp crushed Garlic

2 TBS water

1/8 tsp salt to taste

1/8 tsp pepper

Whisk all ingredients by hand until completely smooth.

Now enjoy with your favorite vegetables or on your favorite salad. That’s what I’ll be doing (;