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Granola...Grain-Free and Sprouted!

The Artisan spirit is central to Diana’s Sprouted. It illuminates not only the kitchen, but also every handcrafted batch of her sprouted, grain-free, gluten-free, granola mix.

Sprouted nutty mixture of nourishing goodness...bee well

You aren’t just what you eat, but what you digest!

Diana’s Sprouted Grain-free granola is a delectable blend of nuts and seeds that are sprouted to make them easier to digest.
The result? All the nutrition in these super-foods is truly available to your body.

Our granola is hand-crafted in small batches. It’s time-consuming, but it’s worth it. You can taste and feel the care we put into every bag, providing sustainable energy to fuel your productive day.

Try all 4 flavors! Original Pecans + Cashews Blueberry Brazil Almond Ginger Cranberry Cinnamon Walnut Cashew Cherry Pecan Almond

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What’s so special about Diana’s nutty blends?

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The key to the artisan’s craft is quality…Diana starts with only the best (local when available) ingredients: raw, natural, and organic.  No gluten, grains, or GMO ingredients EVER! You only get 1 body, you should give it the best quality food.

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For up to 3 days, she carefully soaks the nuts and seeds until they are ready to burst with energy. This sprouting process disables enzyme inhibitors in the nuts and seeds, which “activates” beneficial enzymes and improve digestibility.

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Attention to Detail

Diana thoroughly rinses the sprouted kernels and gently dehydrates them. Finally, ingredients are mixed, lightly toasted and quickly packed for freshness. They are now ready to savor as breakfast, snack, trail mix… or to make your favorite recipes even more special.​


See first hand the love and care that goes into each bag of Diana’s Sprouted Granola!

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